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Pink Gradient


Pink Gradient


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A tech geek, an adventurous soul, and a vivacious girl are some of the words that begin to describe me.

A computer science graduate from VNIT, Nagpur, I worked for a couple of years in Hyderabad before moving to the Golden State — California to pursue masters from UC, Irvine. After a couple of years of living by the Pacific waters in the Bay area, I moved to the lush green pacific northwest. 

When I am not thinking of computer programs, I am planning outings with my friends and family.  Biking, hiking, and sports are some of the ways, I put my energy to use.  Meditation, a quiet walk on the beach, and reading a book while soaking up the afternoon sun are how I make sure that the vitality lasts.

A social person since childhood, I value human relationships a lot.  I believe there is something to learn from everyone we meet, and that everything happens to us for a reason. Most of my musings here are about life and relationships. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy them.


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