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Being one of the finalists and representing my school in a district-level competition, 12 years ago, I was interviewed by two interviewers. One of them asked, “What would you choose or prefer among education for women, education in general, and nursing ill people.”

Without a second’s delay, I said, “Education in general or you may say education for all.”

The other interviewer smiled mischievously and asked, “Why do you say that? Is there any particular reason?”

I was more than ready to answer this question. I replied ecstatically, “Quality education covers a broader umbrella. If we educate a child, rest assured, it is going to be a small, yet, strong step towards achieving many other goals of the society, such as education for women, nursing ill people, sustainable environment.”

Upon growing up, I realized that the answer was merely a representation of the thought that was kindled in my mind. And, thanks to the company I work for, I actively get opportunities to satiate this thirst.

Sneak peek into one of the many volunteering sessions at the school — helping elementary school teachers to set up their classrooms to welcome the future of humanity after a summer break!

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