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Barfi – as sweet as barfi ;)

By this time, most of us would have watched Barfi (if you have not, please do; I am not involved in publicizing the movie. Spoiler alert before you read the post!).

Barfi -- a perfect, sweet, and innocent love story. A Love story based on a physically disabled couple has been one of the bases of most of the Bollywood movies e.g. Black. Without touching the sensitivity of the movie, I would like to commend the sweetness added to the movie.

There are two parts to my review for the movie. First of all, well-justified characters, music apt to the situation, and impressive dialogs these are some of the things that made this movie a huge success on the box-office. I second this view posted by the movie critics. Secondly, the movie truly sheds some light on the reality. As they say, love is the easiest thing to happen. But, what after falling in love? We don’t know until we fall for it.

The most famous line from some of the Bollywood movies: "pyar kiya nahi jata ho jata hai!", "love is blind", and many others. But, is it really true? A lady, mother of the actress tells her daughter about the love of her life when she knocks the reality, "Whenever I come here to see him", pointing to a worker in the woods, "I imagine what could have been my future with this man." Probably, when we are in love, we don’t think of the practicality of it; hence, it turns out to be a blind love. Everyone lives for a secure and better future. So, even those who are in love, end up with a decision that points to a bright future. This is for those who live the life in a practical way. They might not value emotions more than the security and stability in the life.

In the latter part of the movie, the actress makes her mother realize that she used to see her past love because she has not been able to take him out of her mind. Just for the sake of practicality, she has been spending her life with a guy whom she doesn't love. Was the sacrifice worth it? Maybe not. Maybe, spending life with a guy she loved could have shaped her life differently. Maybe, she still could have got a stable as well as a secure future.

I am saying stable before secure just to emphasize on a point that mentally and emotionally stable life leads to a secure life.

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