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For the fiction guy

I was on a call, late night 2:30 a.m. I wasn't even afraid of anything. Those were casual talks. But we were enjoying them. We were laughing at stupid jokes. We were sharing secrets as if we have known each other for years. I have many guy friends but he seemed to be different, different from all.

Because he likes to watch cricket, I would also accompany him. He likes old hindi songs more so I would download a few and listen to them. Reading novels is not my hobby but I would like to take interest in what he reads and I would definitely put my efforts to read them. I would watch all those movies he has watched, series he has been following. I would learn about the team he supports be it IPL or EPL, sport he plays.

Although I don't like to play games on mobile yet for his interest I would download and learn to play. Going through his facebook profile again and again would never bore me. Cooking his favorite dish would be the only motto to enter in the kitchen, no matter how many times I would ruin the dish. He would be the first one to know the reason of my happiness and sadness. I would never hesitate to share anything with him. I would want him to feel special when we would be together. Even silence would become meaningful with his presence. I would like to know his friends.

Finding out his likes and dislikes would top the to-do list. I would want to know him so well that even he should feel happy about it. Trusting would never be a problem because when he would think about me he should feel complete.

Some feelings can't be expressed in words but can only be felt. Waiting for him to call me. Waiting for his one single text. Calling him just to hear his voice. Missing him while being away. Asking him to meet all the time. And when we would then not letting him go again.

I want to be there for you. I want to hold you to not let you go again. Everyone calls you with your name but I want to be the one who makes it sound special. I want to love you unconditionally. I want to share my future with you. I want to grow old with you.


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