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Quarter life crisis

While I am turning 25 in the following week, I decided to take a pause and pen down some things I learned after realizing the true meaning of quarter life crisis. 😀

1. Time is crucial.

2. Happiness is found in the moment. No one can make you as happy as you yourself can.

3. Wake up early.

4. Exercise to stay fit and healthy.

5. Meditate to keep your soul clean and alive.

6. Dance on your own rhythm.

7. Listen to the intuition more often than you listen to the music.

8. Everything is temporary. People, situation, feelings etc.

9. Laugh hard.

10. Cry like a baby. It doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are courageous enough to express your pain.

11. Never settle for anything lesser than your dream.

12. Have short term goals. Dedicate at least half an hour, daily, to fulfill them.

13. Read as much as you can.

14. Write whenever you can

15. Travel wherever you can.

16. Pray to win over your senses.

17. Respect yourself, respect everyone.

18. Learn to cook

19. Being curious is an art, try to master it.

20. Learn to say no.

21. Have plenty of sleep.

22. Play with kids. They are pure to gaze your aura.

23. Stand for yourself.

24. Fall in love. Get your heart broken. Broken heart teaches you many things.

25. Have friends with similar interests.


Ironically, super excited to complete 25 revolutions around the fireball! 

26. Get drunk once in a while.

27. Fight for what truly belongs to you.

28. Speak with at least one new person every day. Moving ahead it becomes difficult to make friends.

29. Find a life partner.

30. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.

31. Be a matured person.

32. Never let the child in you die.

33. Smile often.

34. Do some random acts of kindness.

35. Educate a child.

36. Be honest to your loved ones. Jerks are jerks for some reason.

37. Learn to play at least one musical instrument.

38. Never be sorry for what you are.

39. Surprise people. Be a reason for their smile.

40. Never have your best friend as a roommate.

41. Be the best friend with your roommate.

42. Start earning.

43. Feel the abundance of love, care, and happiness in your life.

44. Find your happy place.

45. Have that 3-am-friend.

46. Apologize if it makes the situation better.

47. Never assume anything, always ask.

48. Appreciate people. Everybody likes to be praised.

49. Sometimes, relations are more important than your undue ego.

50. Be the moon to brighten someone’s life in the darkest of the hour.

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