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My Gemstone's 2nd Birthday!

Happy birthday, my darling baby girl! May your dreams soar high and your days be filled with abundant joy. May happiness always walk alongside you!

On this special day, as you turn two, I want you to know that my love for you is boundless.

I'm grateful and blessed to have you as my own, my munchkin!


In a world of wonder, a precious soul was shining,

On a July day, your light adorned the evening.

A gift from above, a blessing so true,

My sweet little pea, I'll always love you.

My curious adventurer, so smart and bright,

With eyes full of wonder, you seek the world's delight.

Saeesha -- the one with a strong willpower, a spirit that is so bold,

I wonder about the stories that your future will hold.

A social butterfly, you bring smiles to all you meet,

Spreading love with your presence so sweet.

You win hearts with your infectious smile,

A source of happiness for all even away thousand miles.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes,

You bring warmth wherever you go.

In adorable baby talks and words you share,

Your sweet voice fills the air.

With crayons and paints, your little hands play,

Creating art, in your own unique way.

In books you hold, a world comes alive,

Imagination growing as stories thrive.

So, magic bean, let's dance, laugh, and play,

Enjoying each moment, making memories every day.

In our journey together, we'll have lots of fun,

My precious gemstone, you are my number one!

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