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Settled in the new office, new people and new culture. Finally, today I got some time to sit back, think and write.

Weekend!! Movie!! Ranbir Kapoor!! no other hint is required probably :)

Guessed it right‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’. It’s nothing like I am a huge fan of Ranbir Kapoor but yeah, like Barfi, this movie too made me think louder. I personally believe one should watch this movie. Again, I am not at all involved in promotion business for the movie, it’s really nice. (At some point people may differ with my opinion). “Muze meri jindagi se raftar chahiye” (I want speed from my life), says Bunny, revealing his expectation from life.The movie truly holds the audience with this notion. It makes us think, hey there! stop! You have already come so far. Wait and look back. Then you realize the times where you have missed your responsibilities. It’s not that you are running away from your responsibilities, but sometimes one can’t realize them. Some of us consider responsibilities as a burden. But the more willingly you fulfill them the less burdened you feel. Things get complicated when you have the list of responsibilities to complete. But mind you…every work, every responsibility has its own time. There is always a right time to do the right thing. Everything happens for a reason. You may or you may not appreciate the cause but yeah you will always have to appreciate the effect. No matter what it takes, do complete the responsibilities on time. Time decides the responsibilities. The essence of life comes when responsibilities come before time. You shape your life, the way you handle these premature responsibilities. Things will not change even if you try to run away from them, they will remain with you in their original state. It’s just a matter of realization. The earlier you realize, the better you can fulfill your responsibilities. What you do just with your life is selfishness but what you do with others life as well is the responsibility. If you do well to others in a way you are fulfilling the responsibility. And who doesn't do well for self? :D Taste the life before it tests you. :)

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