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The cold and the warmth

Shedding the Monday morning blues away, on a cold day of Fall, only to see and smile at the bright sunlight, warming my cold feet while I still try to remember the lovely dream from the last night. Sigh! It’s already time to get up. Those days of the year, when you realize, it’s freaking cold to take a bath. The best part is trying to set the water temperature appropriate enough to soothe your body. I am sure it’s an art.

On the other day, the water was too cold and I got a runny nose for a while. The house was shaken by my roaring sneezes. However, on the day after that, my scalp literally got hurt with a little higher temperature. Having failed at several attempts at setting the temperature right,  I was furious to step into the shower today. But, I had to get ready, however, reluctantly may be.

“Oh the lord of thermodynamics, please bless me with the knowledge and power so that I set the temperature right for the first time.”, I murmured before getting into the shower. Alas! To my surprise, for the first time in my life, my prayer was answered! (I so wish I had prayed for something else. 😛 ) It was set to such perfection that I couldn’t be happier. It was perfect! Just perfect! Perfect hot to not let my skin bask, perfect cold not to make me shiver, neither too lukewarm nor too chilly, just perfect! Naturally, if it was an art, I felt like Picasso! 😀 Well, it didn’t end here!

A deep thinker in me managed to relate this to relationships in our lives. Isn’t it the same? Some relationships are cold while others are warm. Every relationship’s temperature involves many factors. Outside conditions and people involved in it, are similar to where I struggled in setting the right temperature for the water based on my body temperature and weather conditions. I always have struggled in understanding the right temperature for every relationship, but that doesn’t mean I stopped making new relationships. With an imaginary thermometer, I started checking the temperature of all relations in my life, I know, crazy me! 😛

“How long will you take there?”, my roommate screamed from outside, putting breaks to my train of thought, only to realize how much I was enjoying taking a bath today. 🙂

So, did you check the temperature of your relationships yet?

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