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The one where it rained

‘Ok! So status mail done! Today's task almost finished! And it's 7 o'clock, so 7:30 I shall reach! Freshen up, watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. followed by some phone calls…’ While planning about every hour on reaching home, I turned off my machine. And then a friend passing by kind of informed everyone, “Guys, it’s raining outside.” “Thank god!! Finally, some rains” everybody responded.“Shit! I didn't bring my umbrella”, I said loud and clear. So the people around my desk started laughing as my new and big umbrella was a center of attention for every person passing by.

It's kind of a big one and it just doesn't fit in my bag as well as in drawer. Just that it looked so nice. I bought it. Purple polka dots… Like an “awww” expression! With all the scrapped plans in mind, I reached the ground floor of the building. Cursing myself for not bringing the umbrella, I chose to wait for the company cab, which didn't turn up because of the huge city traffic. So the whole situation was like, it's raining heavily, no umbrella, no cab. Wow!! And to the stress busters, I started cracking stupid PJs :P

An hour of waiting in the cafeteria and then there was sprinkling of rains. So I and two other friends decided to start walking till the main gate where we would hire an auto and then could peacefully go home. One umbrella, three friends, and old Hindi songs “Pyar hua ikrar hua …. !!!”

Few minutes later we reached the main gate and started looking for an auto. "Only one auto wala,shya!", I said.

“He is not even ready to go out in traffic.”, a friend of mine confirmed. We walked more to see the HiTech City road.

“Oh my god! What the hell! The entire road is full of vehicles. Shit! We are not even closer to what we were expecting.”, one of them exclaimed.

As it was raining, the entire road was crowded with the vehicles, office cabs, people like me and people not like me. (i.e. With and without umbrella :P )

Ultimately, we had to walk till the main road. Somehow bypassing all the traffic and path holes, we managed to cross the road and reached till bus stop. As I was insisting them to catch the next bus before it would start to rain heavily, one of my friends had to say this, "If I were at my hometown, I would have called my dad to pick me up. And so I would never board any bus for that matter. "I felt like saying ‘Bitch, catch the goddamn bus!’, but office manners kept me, mum. :P

We didn't board the bus and walked few more KMs towards the PG after which it started raining heavily. And finally saying RIP to shoes we reached to the next bus stop. Now I was firm on my decision to board the next possible bus. No matter when I reach, at least I wouldn't miss my umbrella more. :( So thanks to public transportation, we reached to our respective places somewhat late, by 10 p.m. Shoes, clothes, bag everything being wet and dirty.

The moment I entered the room; that big, new and never opened umbrella caught my attention. And I don't know for some reason I just smiled and said," damn! I carried you all the time to the office, but it didn't rain and now when I didn’t have you it rained like it has never rained before.” And then rains, umbrella, the situation, circumstances and even the auto-wala were replaced by so many things in life like family, friends, work, money, rat-race…

I know this is a very common situation in everyone's life. But just to summarize- Life is full of surprises. Things will come your way when they are least expected. No matter how well prepared you are for any worst situation, some unplanned decisions shall definitely light up your way.


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