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Thoughts in times of Solitude

Solitude — is it really a glorified term for loneliness? I disagree, however, let’s not digress in describing it for the sake of justification. Today, when I am penning down my thoughts while it is raining outside like a usual day in PNW, I wonder what would my life be if I hadn’t made the choices I made in the past. Would I still see life so beautiful and full of happiness? I think so. I would have found happiness and beauty despite the melancholy. But, what if I find myself in a really painful situation like being closely and adversely affected by COVID-19?

My fingers go numb just by the thought of it. Despite all the prayers, and direct and indirect help to those who have been affected by the crisis, my heart and soul yearn for their freedom from pain. The pain of losing their kith and kins, family, health, and wealth. May they revive soon!

Without a doubt, we all are facing the same crisis but everyone is at a different level. Some are at the beginner level like me where life hasn’t changed much, whereas, others are at the advanced level where every aspect has been affected by this crisis.

What am I learning from this? Every day with or without being affected by COVID-19, everyone is fighting a battle that I don’t know of. “Not getting out of the house or wearing a mask is not for your wellness, it is for others. It is for others to protect them from you as an asymptotic carrier!” This remark got me thinking. To win this battle, we have to have to think about others and be more compassionate. This is one of the many learnings in this time of crisis.

Compassion sets us apart from other living beings. Compassion is certainly not bounded by species, gender, race, religion, and nationality. It’s compassion for the entire nature. Being kind to your patriot brothers and sisters while waging war on others is not compassion for all. Being kind to one race while kneeling on the neck of others is not compassion for all. Being kind to humans while pelting stones at stray dogs is not compassion for all. Being kind to dogs while killing another animal for dinner is not compassion for all. Practicing vegetarianism while promoting wall art and clothes symbolizing animal torture is not compassion for all. Compassion is not partial. It is whole to its existence and it is whole to everyone’s soul.

I wonder if C for Corona is teaching us C for Compassion. Let’s review the ABC of life — Always Be Compassionate as we pray and contribute towards the well-being of each other! My two cents — the crisis is going nowhere if we don’t practice our muscles of compassion for all. The time has come to flex that muscle together, because, in the end, you and me, including this very nature, are made up of the same elements of the periodic table that we learned in chemistry.

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