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Unspoken Words

I pinged him over G-talk “Hey, I am done with the story. Would you like to go through it once or you would directly read on the blog?” But I didn’t get any reply then. Next morning mobile screen flashed with his text. “Hey, I am sorry for last night. I was a little busy. It’s good that you are done. You can post it if you want, but I won’t read it.” I got his context. He was trying to overcome his emotions and I wanted to help him so one thing I did that morning “shift+delete” the post. Somewhere deep down in heart I felt sorry for not being helpful to him. I met him when I was noting down the name for our one of the departmental electives. He seemed very shy, timid at first but later as our friendship grew I found him intelligent, silent, helpful, a bit stubborn. No wonder we fight a lot to reach the conclusion of any argument, but yeah we do reach.

“Oye, listen. I need to talk to you right now.” I got the text. I called him and said, “Hope you remember we have our presentation tomorrow and I haven’t started anything yet. Please, can we chit chat later.” “No. Please right now! I have already reached near Gulmohar. Come down fast.” He insisted. We were at IIT Bombay for our summer internship. “Ok. Near Powai lake. I am coming.” and I hung up the phone. I went downstairs. He was already there. I said in a hurry, “Tell me what is wrong? What is so urgent?” “Let’s sit for a while,” I said mischievously “Well. Let me guess is it about some girl?” And he smiled. I exclaimed “Oh My God!! How true that is! Man, you are blushing! Oh god let me guess once again you asked a girl out and dude you are committed. And I might know who she is? Do I know her? Come on tell me.” He made me sit. And said softly, “Girl, calm down. Apart from the first guess rest is not true.” And I gave a sad look. He continued “There is this girl named *****. And I seriously like her.” I asked, “Our class???” He replied immediately, “Yeah. The same.” I screamed, “oh my god..!! Unbelievable!!” He continued, “I saw her in our first department gathering (see!! a lot can happen in DG) I really have a serious crush on her. ”

“So you tried talking to her?” I asked with the concern. He refused, “No. Every time I even try to say ‘hi’ we share very weird eye contact and that stops me even from looking at her. I haven’t talked to her since the day I saw her.”

I suggested “hmm… Facebook? As simple as that. Ping her. Start casual talks then you might get comfortable. At least start talking?”

“See, there lies the biggest problem. She has blocked me over facebook.”He said with disappointment. I surprisingly looked at him and asked “You said you haven’t even talked to her and as per I know you, you are not the kind of guy who will stalk the girl. Why did she block you even being in the same class as you are?” He tried explaining the situation, “I have no idea! She might have the habit of blocking people randomly. I even deleted my account; created new one still it didn’t work out.” He continued “What am I supposed to do. She hardly knows me. I just want to initiate the talk. And I am not even able to do that.” After that day, we as a team tried to unblock him (Don’t ask how we did that but yeah we nailed it :D). She did unblock him. But then he blocked her keeping the ball in his court. Finally, both are unblocked. But at this time when unknown faces become friends over facebook, in spite of being in same class for past 2 years, having so many mutual friends he couldn’t even dare to send the friend request in fear of getting blocked again. Surprisingly they still haven’t shared a word. A single word, not even a greeting.

Boy, your situation is really heartfelt. These few lines are not even enough to tell her, how much you have done just to talk to her. I remember once you have told me, “I even thought of organizing the events in college where she might show up. If she blocked me over facebook, I shall create my own social networking site. I even thought she would get in IITB for intern so I worked hard to get in here too. ” The best one was “I should learn hacking facebook profiles so that I will get into her profile and unblock myself.” In a way, she being the motivation for all your achievements starting from attending classes, completing notes to being a hacker, working on projects or getting an internship, clearing GRE and still counting. I know the respect and care you have for her. Every girl would expect the same from her Mr.Right. Hope she realizes it soon. Luck and wishes.


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