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When you wake up with a scar

Ouch! That hurts! Damn! When did I hurt myself! The scratch on my left ankle was painful. I didn’t realize when did that happen. Maybe, while I was asleep. Maybe, I was awake, but it wasn’t painful at that time. Over the night, it has swollen and become a wound. It wasn’t the first time when I had woken up with a scar.

Doesn’t the life tell you the same? You meet some people. They hurt you or you hurt them. And then, there is a scar in the relationship, but no one realizes till it becomes a wound. Let’s not wait until it becomes the wound; otherwise, we are only left with the time to let it heal.

So, for this new year and ahead, hope you wake up with a hickey and not a scar. 😉


Happy New year in advance! 

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