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A look back

Time to say good-bye. The time when a new phase starts. The time when you know there is no going back. The time when things won’t be the same as they were before. Time has come to say ‘see you all soon’. Farewell to the college life and best wishes to all my friends.

After coming back from Nagpur, everything seemed so tasteless and meaningless. Although I was at home, I was missing my other home. Although I was with my family, I was missing the other family. I was missing all those moments with friends, hostel-life, and everything. I mean literally everything. But there was no way out for this emotional burst. So, I decided to leave some things behind in memories and move ahead. Just to avoid tears in my eyes, I kept myself occupied throughout the vacations. And then, I realized what exactly I have missed while I was away from home.

While I was in Nagpur, I used to talk to mom dad and bhaiya quite a lot over the phone. So during these vacations, I enlightened the bonds with some of my close relatives. I spent some time with my cousins, uncle-aunty, aaji-ajoba and mama. I realized for the fact that I have missed on some important moments of my life like my cousins’ marriage, being attya and maushi of my nephews, and the most favorite of all, being a granddaughter.

I have spent my entire childhood at aaji's (grandma) place and hence it’s special in every sense. I am the only niece so, definitely, I get everyone’s attention. Sometimes, I feel I have forgotten my childhood and suddenly few hours with these people, remind me everything. Aaji still has the paper cuttings of my name and photographs. Mama (uncle, mom’s brother) and I had spent the childhood watching ‘Popeye’ cartoon shows. I remember the times when we used to fight over TV remote and he used to make me bite his palm. How innocent I was! Ajoba is the most foodie person. He is the one who buys eateries for me and bhaiya with few free advisory lines like sharing them with everyone.

About my cousins, I have lots of them. Way back before 10th grade, Mahalaxmi used to get celebrated in my dad's village and then the fun was unlimited. Roaming in farms, eating fresh fruits, being away from town and spending days like a villager. Peace! Then, I used to spend one summer vacation at attya's (Aunt, dad’s sister) place, watching movies with the cousin, playing cricket, and asking mom to extend the stay with attya, another summer at uncle’s place, eating watermelons and mangoes, getting dirty all over the face and hands. It was so much fun.

Now when I think of those days, I feel like going back in time. But I know somewhere in memories I have all those moments which I can recall at any time and smile.

Hyderabad, here I come :)

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