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A New Dawn…

“Hey, where are you going? Just take rest. Tomorrow is an important day for you. Try to be comfortable” Sayli said with concern.

“I need to jugadofy formals! Well, you sleep I shall search by myself, ” and she went to get the formals. She had cleared written test and followed by group discussion. The next day was indeed important for her. All she was worried about her interview. She managed to get formals from her senior. Tips and fundas of an interview, the best wishes from everyone and enough of confidence with a little nervousness she reported at 9 a.m. They were 13 students shortlisted for the interview round. By the time, everyone had reached, she had become quite normal. They all looked so calm and obviously little tensed. After some time, the interview round started.

Whoever had done with the round, he/she was explaining about the interview. Everyone was telling with such an enthusiasm. They merely looked tensed now. She was involved in little laughter and chit chat. Suddenly her name was called. All wished her luck. And she got inside. The only thing she told herself OK just be cool. And be yourself.

The 1st interview didn't go that well. Maybe she was a bit afraid. She came outside. As usual explained what all the interviewer asked her and sat waiting for next call. Meanwhile, she was recalling her mistakes from 1st interview round. She tried getting fearless. Nervousness was killing her. Still she was trying to behave normally.

She was called for the 2nd round. This time she performed really nice. The interviewer was impressed by her. It was 2 ‘o clock when she came outside after 2nd interview round. That time was really hard for her. With so much tensed mind, she couldn't even have proper lunch. She rushed to the canteen, ordered Dahi samosa and fruity her typical exam time lunch.

When everyone came back after lunch it was time for the 3rd round. As the round proceeded they shortlisted 10 people. “phew. I am in” a sigh of relief in her voice. Her 2nd interview had saved her. When she was called for 3rd round, the first question interviewer asked “So, I have very conflicting reviews about you from two interviewers could you just brief me the day? ” and she played it nicely. It was almost 6'o clock when she came outside after the 3rd round. Everyone have had a very tiring day. This was supposed to be the last round. All were waiting for the result.

Out of nowhere they called her again for the 4th round. This time she was little confused and surprised but faced it well. At the end of this round, she was asked “Let us assume if you don’t get this intern what would you think?” “Maybe I am not the one, whom you are looking for!” She answered and managed to smile. No sooner did she come outside the interview room, she burst out with tears. Her friends were consoling her, saying “It was your stress-round dear. They wanted to test your patience and you performed well. Don’t worry. You have won their minds” But she was not able to believe their words.

After some time, they gathered for the result. Excitement, anxiety, really tensed faces just to hear those lucky names. And finally, “Yuppie….!! I got it” She exclaimed as she heard her name. Heartbeats were still not normal. A really big smile on her face was self-explanatory. She was stunned with happiness. This moment she was a Goldman's girl. Surprisingly at that night she couldn't even sleep properly until she cried. Her eyes were closed, but tears were rolling down. Tears of joy, happiness..!!! Indeed!!!

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