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The person I admire a lot!

Almost after 8 years I happened to attend a wedding. My cousin Ashlesha married Suyash, a soft-spoken, humble, and joyful groom. Apart from being a part of the wedding on the bride's side, I truly enjoyed my family get-together. No words to explain how amazing the wedding was! Special thanks to the wedding planners.

Didi has always been my true inspiration. Be it studies or family or friends. I have set her as my ideal person. I never realized this since when I chose her as my role model. It was probably even before this picture was taken. Because as far as I remember I was trying to copy her pose.

People influence by words, but she chooses to influence others with her actions. And this makes her the perfect person to be idolized.

May all her dreams come true. Wishing you all the luck and success for the new journey. Love, care, respect. _/\_


I and Didi (from left to right)

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