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Bundle of joy!

I woke up on a relatively lazy Saturday with little to no energy to do anything. It was past 12 when I came to my senses. Definitely not my kind of weekend. It was very cloudy outside and partly pouring. I shrugged off the tiredness and blamed it on the typical PNW weather. This really hasn’t been the first time in the week when I succumbed to tiredness and I couldn’t really tell what was wrong.

Just when I was getting ready to start my day at that hour, I saw Sushant visibly upset with what has been going on for the last week. What started as him asking “What is wrong with you?” “Why am I the only one doing the house chores?” “Are you taking me for granted?” quickly escalated to a huge fight. I think I was not ready to give up the conversation since I was too figuring out what was going on with me. The office workload was fine. I hadn’t traveled or had any social gatherings to feel so tired. We settled the argument with a deal that we will take turns every weekend to do the house chores. Just like the “on-call” shifts. Sealed the deal!

Following Tuesday, I realized my periods were late by a couple of days. Sushant suggested I take the test. Because I didn’t want to be disappointed, I dismissed the idea. I didn’t see any symptoms except slightly delayed periods. I wasn’t sold on the idea and decided to wait for some more days! Well, I could hardly wait. For the next hour, I was waiting for the result while searching on the internet to understand it. Barely saw any line, faint maybe! I came downstairs with disappointment, declaring “Not pregnant”. Without trusting my words, Sushant asked me to show the result of the test.

He said, “It’s a faint line and that means positive.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, that’s like an early stage in pregnancy. I think you should take another test.”

That was the only test kit I had, so I rushed to the nearest pharmacy. This time I wanted to be sure, hence picked up a digital one. And it was a “Yes”!!

Funny enough, Sushant says, “Ever since I have been the “on-call” for all days.” 😉

Our pregnancy journey was no different than any other expecting couple i.e. filled with ups and downs. I mostly saw lots of tiredness and food aversion in the first trimester, maybe occasional heartburn in the second trimester. But that’s about it. After the first trimester, I was back to my energy levels. Everything revolved around doctor’s appointments, eating good food, and maintaining a good lifestyle. Taking each day at a time, I invested my time in becoming a better person. The whole process made me more holistic. I was learning some of the most important virtues of life (in the most difficult way) — patience and letting go of things that are not in my control. While managing personal and professional changes, I was definitely getting better at multi-tasking!

As I patiently waited a week past the estimated due date for the debut of my little one and relentlessly answered questions from well-meaning friends and relatives if the baby is here yet, it definitely felt like forever since I became pregnant. And then, as soon as I held this little bundle of joy in my arms, overwhelmed with so many emotions, I whispered, “You, my tiny human being, are worth all the wait and pain!”

P.S. Birth story blog will be out soon. 🙂

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