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Cloud Nine!

Well, like the last post, this incident too started with a phone call. The clock showed 11 on a bright Sunday morning. For a girl like me, it’s a day to sleep till late. And the same applies to her. She was sleeping like a log when her phone rang. She read 'Anant calling..' “h.e.l..l…o…..”, she managed to say it clearly. “Dude, get ready. I am coming to pick you up right now. We are in your department. He wants to give you a rose.” “Why so early in the morning? and who is “ he”? ,” she asked making him realize that he shouldn't have disturbed her sleep. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard his name. She shed the laziness aside and replied “reach here in 10 minutes. I am getting ready.”It was the ‘Departmental Gathering’ in their college. 3 days of various events and activities in the college. The most awaited event, especially for girls, is the ‘rose day’. Well, by the time she got this message, the rose day had already been celebrated in her department and she hadn't got the expected rose.

It was the ‘rath yatra‘ which made it possible. (During rath yatra, a rath is called and crowd walks shouting and screaming for their department. It’s the tradition of the mechanical department in their college) Within two minutes, she reached the department. Looking all around, she was so surprised to see the crowd waiting for her. With many questions in her mind, a surprised but confused smile on face, shivering legs and a thumping heart, she pushed through the crowd. Her eyes were searching for him. As soon as she saw him, she couldn't but blush, the pink tint of shy on her cheeks showed all her expressions. The surprised look was plastered on her face. She wanted to ask him many questions but was speechless. The crowd was cheering. He was so enthusiastic to come in front of her. He kneeled down with a red rose. She did not know if this was real. Without giving a single thought, she almost snatched it from his hand. She stared at him with all the joy she felt. Her heart was full of happiness and emotions. It was a huge surprise for her. Later on, when the crowd headed out, he asked “How do you like my surprise? ” She exclaimed “Oh man, I am still shocked. I can't even imagine you doing that. Is this even real!!" She hugged him with tears of joy in her eyes. For her, the rose meant a lot. She had got many on a day before, but this one was special to her. And for the guy, it was the first rose he had ever given in his life. You are so adorable my baddy player. Truly cared and respected deep down in the heart. :) 🙂

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