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His patience and kindness won many hearts,

The one he wanted to rule was only her heart.

Every day he longed to win her over.

Her soul and dignity allured him over.

His compassion, her adventures,

His consistency, her cheers,

His passion, her aggression,

They fell for each other without any fear.

Wine, chocolate, or moonlight,

None could pacify her whining.

The bear hug of his love

Could make her day shining.

Cinderella found her charming prince,

Calvin had his best friend -- Hobbes, since.

Mickey had the partner -- Minnie, in the offense,

She also found her happy place.

The love blossomed like the flowers in May.

Evenings wore the colors of the day.

Happiness was around and love never faded.

He would hold her hand with kith and kin surrounded.

The queen is so spontaneous and the king so caring,

May they be as inseparable as MSD and his lightning-speed stumping.


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