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That Someone…

The day was normal, but the evening was harsh.

Everything was perfect, but maybe the timing was not.

He was there to hold her in trouble, but she was not able to decide what was troubling her.

He held her hand saying no matter what you are not alone, she felt her family even being away from home.

He caught her every single tear, she was letting them go down because he was there.

He was trying to make her laugh, but she was broken into half.

He was frightened by the fact, as it was not a normal act.

He inspired her to fight again; she took his words to rise again.

She saw him with the smile but tears all over the miles.

He was happy for the smile and wiped her tears. He said your tears are special save them for better.

She gave away the sorrow and grief. After all, he was the one to take her out of it.


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