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The roommate stuff

It all started, when I shifted to Hyderabad, saying goodbye to the college campus and looking forward to embarking on a new journey as a corporate professional. I have always been afraid of letting someone, unknown, in my room, forget about life. So, I refused to share the room with random people. But nothing haunts you more than an empty room and walls of the room, aimlessly, staring at you.

Luckily, to tell you, I was so much relieved when we spoke about your relocation in Hyderabad and we decided to share a room. We started with sharing a 10×10 room, with a little space left after cupboards and beds were accommodated inside the room. And now, we stay in an even bigger room. 🙂

Frankly speaking, I wonder how could you be so tolerant of my at times annoying behavior, especially the tortured jokes. Must say, my stay in Hyderabad would not have been any more exciting without you being a part of it. Never thought a girl, whom I spoke for the first time to ask email ids for some stupid data collection for tech fest, later a batch-mate, sooner a lab-mate,  team-mate in kho kho, and many other things to count for, would randomly be a part of my journey in Hyderabad.

My harsh working hours at the previous company used to get us less time to interact. But, I used to be delighted to see your message, asking about my return. To my regret,  I still feel bad about not being able to well arrange your birthday celebration. Since I was working till late a day before. The only thing I could plan was that insipid trip to a random waterfall. I know how much you hated me for that. 😀

Random hangouts at random places in Hyderabad, frequent movies, and series sessions. Dude, you became an iconoclast in my life. I would always remember you as a person, who taught me, people are more important than their insane deeds, and never order vegetarian food from a restaurant.

You took care of my diet, literally. Your co-operation in my days of preparation. Being thankful is really an underestimate of whatever you have done for me. Thanks for keeping my secrets. Although I know, Shabri bitch may have known them all. 😛

I will miss waking you up. I will miss the not-so-filter coffee. I will miss being called “pagal” all the time. I will miss seeing the excitement on your face, be it during a new house hunt or ordering food from outside. I will miss hearing an answer “kuch bhi laga” to “kaunsa gana lagau?”. I will miss saying, “abbey kal jaldi uthna hai”, before hitting to the bed, every night. I will miss your reaction on whiffing over my deodorant, sleeping marathons on weekends, the never-ending humming of songs, and many other no-to-be-disclosed moments 😀 I know, we share a lot many interests. And I think that’s one of the reasons, why we could have survived together till now. 😛 The only thing I regret is, I couldn’t become another Shabri in your life. (Not like I wanted to, sour grapes 😛 )

You may meet many people like me, but I have got only one like you, so far 😀 Cheers to 402! Looking forward to cherishing some more wonderful memories. Congratulations on successfully completing one year with this maniac, psycho, and a pa-gal. 😀

P.S. Thanks to your masala tea as a cure for my uninvited cold, I am still up at this hour. 😛

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