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The Secret

The laptop screen read one minute remaining when she attempted the last question.

“OK done! Submit! Fingers crossed.” She murmured and read “Your score is 54%”

“Oh shit! That’s so poor.”

She went through the entire report card but couldn't find comfort. “Oh god! I would ruin the next day’s test.” She said with big disappointment. She had a written test for a company. She became restless. She went to one of her closest friend's rooms.

Knocked at the door; the friend said “Hey...What’s up?”

Her expressions made her realize something was wrong. She asked if everything was fine. But the girl didn't say a word and sat on a chair without giving any look anywhere.

After a long pause, she said, “You know what! GS is on campus to offer an internship. I have a written test tomorrow. I attempted the mock test and ended up with a 54% score. And the worst part is I performed poorly in technical. I ruined it all. And I am pretty sure tomorrow also I would do the same. I just want this internship. But this mock test has upset me. I would end up being nowhere!!

” Sshhh… stop stop!” a friend interrupted her. “Don’t think like that, stupid. I don’t know about others, but you deserve this internship. And girl, you are going to get it. ” She said it so confidently. But the girl still didn't get it.

She said “Arey.. but that’s not how I am going to get it. It’s like being so optimistic. And that is not what always is going to get me through. If I ruined the easy test, obviously I would ruin the difficult one. This score is prompting me a ‘Happy realization!!’ Leave the GS and study for the end-semester exams. You are born to appear for college exams only..!! ”

She started being weird with the situation.

“Stop acting like that. Don’t overthink the situation. Just take it as a step to get near your internship. If you performed poorly in the tech part go study for it. Don’t waste your time in predicting things. If you have potential, stand with it. Work on your weaknesses as far as your written test is concerned.” She was trying to flush her brain for study. “Remember the secret which I told you once?” She nodded. “‘Like attracts like’ if you think you are able to do it you will do it. Have a positive temperament for whatever you do. And this will attract positive situations. You will surely perform to your best. But if you would continue with your pessimistic thoughts, you would neither be able to study nor perform well. Prove yourself. It’s not the time to sit and cry. Think and learn from it. Now get up. Go to your room, study overnight, and do whatever you want but get this internship. No one would be as happy as you once you get it.”

She was feeling much more confident. Just like an obedient child, she left the room with her overnight target and a long-time secret. The next day, she cleared the written test and then didn't look back. During her interview process, many situations challenged her confidence but she had a key to the secret which unlocked the door of opportunity. And she got the internship. :) Well, sometimes it’s just fine if you fail somewhere, provided you learn from it.

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