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Spoiler alert: It is not an itinerary-based post for the Himalayan trek — somebody has already done the honor and I found the post really helpful. ***********************************************************************

Getting dirt out from the clothes is one of the few essential things to get back on a conventional routine of a 9 am to 5 pm job after 2 weeks long Himalayan expedition. Well, I didn’t want to do it. Those dirty clothes, muddy shoes, and socks were the only witness of my plight in the unpredictable and unusual weather, which I faced during the Sarpass trek. Hiked up to 13,800 feet in height, along with a bunch of good friends and new hikers, the Sarpass trek happened to be my first ever national trek.

There is a time of life when you leave everything behind and decide to move with the flow. Well, this flowing water in wonderful trekking land taught me the same. Base camping at Kasol, acclimatization trek to the nearest spot, rappelling, and rock climbing made me realize the efforts we put to get to the top. I wonder, isn’t it similar to preparing for a strong base that can withstand a huge building? Started trekking along the flow of the Parvati River reminded me of my own uphills, childhood, studies, career, relations, and almost everything. I conserved my energy by being with my own self, inner peace much?

While walking, every day, around 7 to 10 km. in a land, where paths were set but unknown and tricky at the same time, I realized, it’s not only physical strength but also mental strength that matters. It was a dream come true for me when I meditated in front of the Shivalik ranges of mountains. One is not actually lost until he/she admits the defeat. I couldn’t understand and apply the saying in any better way than seeing people who were injured and tired physically, yet continued up to the summit point.

Hiking all the way up from Kasol (~6800 ft) to Grahan (~7700 ft) to Padri (~9300 ft) to Ming Thatch (~11,200 ft) to Nagaru( ~12,300 ft) and finally to Sarpass (~13,800 ft), I was in love with the beauty, the sun, the moon, the stars, sometimes clear yet cloudy sky, plants, rains, muddy land, snow and what not. Do you know why? Maybe, because, they were at their best while I was with them. I have never been close to something so usual and natural. It had become a routine to wake up before the sun rises and stay up until the stars and the moon showers the white light upon me. I captured many memories, but a little down the lane I would only remember the people who made it worthwhile to reach the summit point.

A couple of things to add. Solitude and loneliness are two different things. Solitude is by choice and loneliness is forced. When you are in solitude, you learn to be with your true self. Whenever I looked at the free-flowing water of the river, waterfall, snow-clad mountains, and sky full of stars, I was smiling, singing, humming, thinking — enjoying being with myself. Of course, unless you enjoy your own company, nobody else will.

I did give my best during this journey and maybe that was the reason, why with every passing day I had a feeling of accomplishment. It was there, right there in those small things — unloading/loading small stuff from the bag, sharing food, washing my tiffin-box with ice cold water, little unhygienic ways for the daily routine, got a mug? soup, welcome drink, tea, daal, sweet, basically, it is needless to mention a so-called coffee mug’s multipurpose existence, also, getting more people in the gang, interacting with people from different backgrounds, understanding the subtle differences in culture and more.

After facing essential yet common problems during the journey, my own problems of the lifetime, like the job, education, money, rat race, and relationships looked so small and trivial. Mountains had a huge impact on my mind. Each one of them was screaming in my head, loud and clear.

There is nothing in your life that is as strong as I am, no problem could be as big as I am, nothing will survive as I have been for so many ages, no separation is as quick and difficult as I face when the ice melts to water and parts into spring and somewhere meets the ocean. Gear up for your goal and climb that bloody not-so-mountain.

And to conclude, adding my favorite line which I have by hearted like a recital. Purposefully, not mentioning the name of the movie 😉 ~~ Wahaan uss pahad ki hawaa mein ek nasha sa tha or wo nasha ishq tha. Maine apni zindagi mein pehle kabhi itni khushi mehsoos hi nahi ki thi. Pyaar hogaya tha mujhe. Aur main ye baat uss pahaad se sabko chilla chilla kar batana chahti thi. Par sabse zyada use batana chahti thi. Pata nahi wahaan bhairav ka mandir tha ke nahi par phir ek dua maangna chahti hun, boht simple, infact, sirf ek shabd “BUNNY”! ~~ Cheers guys! Hope you also plan to have such an experience soon. 🙂

P.S. Photos are yet to be compiled. They will soon be uploaded. Just for the eye candy  🙂

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